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Accurate, premium quality content that’s right first time

One of our key deliverables is complex technical content that’s right the first time. Content that’s highly specialized and extremely technical. Content that achieves the required quality, using precise technical language and specialist terms. We deliver millions of words every year. Always to the highest standards. And always on time. How?

It’s what sets us apart
To produce this high-quality technical content, the translation and review process is given over to our in-house automotive engineers. Using the right experienced people for the job is what sets us apart. Each member of this professional team has relevant, hands-on expertise. Born out of at least 25 years of automotive experience. Their review and translation process is light years ahead. While providing a feedback loop that is quite unique.
See us in action for yourself
So how do we turn technical information into a powerful service tool? Please take a moment to review our typical aftersales technical content projects.
Workshop Manuals
Workshop manuals play a vital role in making maintenance and repairs an easier, accurate process. Helping technicians to provide a ‘Fix It Right First Time’ service for their customers. We go that extra distance down the road to deliver accurately translated technical content. Making sure that our workshop manuals are easy to read and follow, we provide peace of mind for the technicians operating on your customers’ vehicles.
Mechanical Repairs
Since vehicles first ran on our roads we’ve all got used to regular maintenance and mechanical repairs. Today, we’ve entered a new level of complexity. With a growing range of technical content to translate, review and update. Including system and component descriptions, mechanical specifications, special service tools, and repair procedures. With all this data, system overload springs to mind.

Just-in-time technical information
There’s a difference between just-in-case information and just-in-time information. One is information overload. The other provides the right information at the point of need. This is an essential difference when trying to save time and money when translating, reviewing and updating technical information. Thankfully, we have the right just-in-time approach to tackle content management, localization and other challenges needed to support your workshop content requirements.
Body Repairs
While automakers strive to develop accident-free autonomous vehicles, body repairs are still an everyday necessity. Our body repair manuals are expertly translated and reviewed by our hands-on automotive professionals. This helps your technicians to ‘get it right the first time’. With manuals designed to help them handle a wide range of body repairs. Their work—checking body structure, dimensions, panel replacements, welding or painting—becomes so much easier when using our high quality, multilingual technical content.
Electrical and Electronic System Repairs

On the eve of the electric automotive revolution, accurate and expertly written service documentation of electrical and electronic system repairs is vital. Especially when you consider the challenges of high and low voltage systems, hundreds of harness layouts, wiring diagrams, connector views and pin descriptions. Luckily we have already delivered many workshop manuals for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. A hands-on experience that puts us in a uniquely knowledgeable position with this fast-changing technology.


That’s why our translated and reviewed documentation can help you diagnose and repair problems swiftly, increase safety and boost your repair efficiency.

Diagnostic Procedures
As you know, today’s vehicles contain a vast number of different electronic systems to remedy. All of which must work in harmony to ensure proper operation. Professionally translated and reviewed by hands-on automotive experts, our manuals are the gold standard for guiding users through the diagnostics process. Which is why top automotive companies trust us to translate their diagnostic instructions for their workshop technicians. Typically, we are asked to cover the complete diagnostic workflow. From symptom descriptions to diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and remedy instructions.
Diagnostic software localization
Have you ever come across a user interface element that seems out of place? It’s a common problem with localized software. How do you check context? How do you control the length of every string? To solve this and other vehicle diagnostic software issues, we combine our software localization skills with our second-to-none automotive engineering know-how. Take advantage of our localization skills and make your diagnostic software an even more powerful tool for your workshop technicians.
Technical Service Bulletins
Unanticipated problems can occur after launching a new model. With today’s fierce competition and reduced time to market it’s not unusual. Whether dealing with a recall, a service, or any other campaign, our professionally translated and reviewed technical bulletins provide technicians with all the recommended steps and procedures required to repair the vehicle. When it comes to distributing your technical service bulletins, rest assured that we deliver on time to your dealers thus reducing implementation costs.
Spare parts catalogues
Managing spare parts remains the essential element of any service operation. To translate, review and proofread your spare parts catalogues we use industry specialists with at least 25 years of experience. Their in-depth knowledge provides you with a unique level of quality and accuracy. These databases cover lists of parts, components and assemblies required for all types of repairs. Apart from translating spare parts catalogues, we provide engineering consultancy, graphic design, publication, and printing or reproduction on electronic media.
Service Labor Time Standards
Time is money. While a highly experienced automotive technician can repair a vehicle faster, most technicians need to get up to speed with the standard time required to perform a repair, replacement or adjustment operation. Our role is to make sure the Service Labor Time Standards are properly represented in your manuals. Quality and accuracy are vital. Which is why we use industry professionals to translate and review the content. While making sure the instructions are easy to follow. Helping technicians deliver on time. Every time.
Technical Trainings
Automotive technology is constantly evolving. New advanced models. New features. Game-changing solutions. All of which require high-quality content to facilitate the learning process. We translate and produce technical training courses and modules. Which are delivered when launching new models or along their lifecycles. We distribute these materials in hard copies and electronic formats — eBooks, presentations and multimedia.
Aftersales Technical Project Services

To support your aftersales technical projects, we can provide the following services:


  • Development of source content
  • Technical and linguistic review of source content
  • Content management
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Technical translation and localization
  • Graphics localization
  • Desktop publishing
  • Multimedia production and postproduction
  • Reproduction in electronic formats such as CD or DVD disks
  • Publishing online with content management and database systems

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